Rigging my Neil Pryde Raf Speed in the late eighties...  
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Riks Windsurfing Closure
They say nothing remains the same forever and that's certainly the case in the fast moving world of windsurfing both on and off the water. I've been very fortunate to have enjoyed the fantastic and fulfilling experience of building and running my own business in the windsurfing industry since the late 90's.
However the time has come to move onto pastures new with fresh challenges closer to home outside of the windsurfing industry.
I would like to wholeheartedly extend my gratitude to those good people I have worked with supplying the best products available, and at the same time wish the brands success in the future regardless of how that is being handled.
And most importantly I'd like to personally thank each and every one of my customers who have offered their generous custom through the past 16 years, many of whom have since become exceptionally good long-term friends both at home and overseas. The enthusiasm we all share for this great sport has made it a truly brilliant experience.
See you on the water soon.
Here's wishing good luck to Rick Findlow and the ROHO / Zero Gravity team with their endeavours launching rikswindsurfing.co.uk into a new era from June 2014...